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Our Services

Professional Learning

Connecting the Dots (CTD) will work with school leadership to customize the approach implemented to fit within the structures already in place. Our work establishes a coherent throughline of learning and teaching that connects every layer of the school system to support increased student and teacher success.  Our supports range from in-depth collaborative district reviews and analysis of curricula, practices  and resources, to professional development and ongoing coaching. In each partnership, we pair tailored professional learning experiences with strategic planning support so investments in professional development lead to sustained improvements in classrooms and schools.

Program Management Systems Analysis

From conference room settings to break out sessions to one-on-one classroom coaching, we were part of a team that developed and provided customized, professional learning sessions for the largest public school system in the country. We are experts at creating professional development around problem solving and critical thinking, supporting professionals in staying engaged in their own professional growth. Our team is ready to bring our experience in early childhood to you.

Individual Coaching

We offer highly individualized, relationship based coaching which includes teacher-coach meeting time with the purpose of reflecting and goal setting around teacher practice, as well as supporting the building of teaching teams, improving  communication,  and building community.

Leadership Coaching

To effectively support early childhood programs, early childhood leaders need to work with teacher teams to ensure capacity-building and coherence of message and values at the program level. Our leadership coaching offers educators a space to reflect and think about systems level change for their program.

Cohort Coaching

Build school and teacher leadership team capacity in high-quality early childhood behavioral approaches,  through small group coaching grounded in reflective practice and goal setting.

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